connecting to the playful body






bodyloops are an invitation to connect to your body,
other bodies, both human, organic and non organic.


bodyloops can be used as an assisted movement prop for yoga, dance, meditation and self massage. 
bodyloops can be used to tie bodies together
bodyloops can be fashioned into  scarfs, bikini-tops headbands, blindfolds, and many more fashion accessories.

bodyloops offer infinite possibilities
everybody who has a bodyloops discovers their unique creative way to play.

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co-creating play-fullness one (body)loop at a time







bodyloops are a reminder to be playful with yourself, others and your environment.
a simple loop that change how we move together.






Art Co-created Circular Cooperative ( ACCC )




Art Co-created Circular Cooperative ( ACCC )

from "Busy"ness to Playfulness

Bodyloops is an artistic experiment in creating a new paradigm for positive non-speculative purpose driven community business 

Q: What do you get when you invert a pyramid scheme?
A: An icecream cone scheme.

Imagine an "inverted pyramid scheme" where instead of the profits being funneled to a few,
the profits are spread out to a wide community involved in creating, making, sharing and playing with bodyloops.

How does this work?

We really dont know so instead of pretending we do we are learning by stumbling together.
At the moment we are experimenting with hacking together Coop platform principles, the Mandala Cirlces  structure & Liquido organizational model.

We do allready have some guidelines we follow to uphold the values of bodyloops:

Bodyloops are made of locally sourced organic cotton or upcycled cotton with 5% elastan.
Bodyloops are ethically produced by individuals and not factories.
Bodyloops are manufactured with specific standards to be resistant to wear and tear and weight.
Bodyloops movement techniques are opensource and will be  shared freely online.
Bodyloops have a price structure that adapts to local economies.

Anyone who meets these guidelines can become part of the
Bodyloops ACCC.

Currently based on the Mandala Circle practice you can join the Coop
by showing your interest as a Spark and join the telegram channel
find a bodyloop and become a Fire (enthousiast) share your bodylooping & document (photos, videos, stories)
If you feel l ike becoming more engaged you can offer
to become Air (ambassador/angel) and start reselling bodyloops
Earth (organizational) is a role to support the project org.
Water is the vision and flow supporting the Coop both financially and energetically

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Made with lots of play!






Ethically sourced Organic cotton Stretch Jersey with 5% Elastane.
When possible the fabric is upcycled.
Each bodyloop is cut and sewn by hand with an Overlock machine.
Every loop is stretched by a body to become a bodyloop.


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Produced on demand,
at tête in Berlin Pberg
with love and upcycled materials.

 Currently 1 (standard) bodyloop costs 33eu.
For orders over 10 the price is 22eu each.
For wholesale orders over 100 units the price is 13eu.

Custom size and multicolored bodyloops available to order

currently a limited amount of Bodyloop Swings sets are available for 369eu

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lets co-create a more playful world!






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